AI-Based Vocal Remover Online

Easily remove vocals from a song and get two separated music versions - Vocal and Instrumental.


Separate Vocals from Music Without Loss of Quality

Our online vocal remover developed to provide the best audio quality after the process of removing vocal from your songs.

You can see it for yourself by trying out our demo examples of already separated audios:


EasySplitter Is The Best Choice

EasySplitter is a great solution for a different spheres. It is really indispensable for those who practice singing, who creates Karaoke software, because our service could be used as a Karaoke maker. Also, EasySplitter would be a great choice for the DJs. But, let's take a deep look:


For DJ’s

EasySplitter allows DJ’s to use it as an instrumental maker. The DJ’s can easily make vocal isolation online and get fast results.

For Singers

A singers can practice their vocals by removing vocals from the song and use only instrumental version.

For Students

This tool is also helpful for those people who study music. Use Easysplitter to learn different styles of music much deeper. It would be also helpful for songwriters, who can practice in creating music or writing lyrics.

For Karaoke Software

EasySplitter is an excellent tool that can be used as a Karaoke Maker. You can easily remove vocal from any song and leave only the accompaniment.

Why Our Vocal Separation Service Is the Best?

Fastest Service Speed
We are proud to say that EasySplitter has the fastest engine to split your audio files at the skyrocket speed.
Audio Without Quality Loss
Easysplitter is a voice remover that allows you to remove vocals from songs without any audio quality loss. Our service is developed in the way that you end up with an HQ output file.
Files History
Files history allows you to always keep your audio files on hand. Never lose your audio.
iOS & Android App
Our online vocal remover is also available on iOS and Android. Try out our beautiful app that has even more special features.
In-Build Audio Converter
No need to seek for another service to convert your audio files. The EasySplitter also provides the user with a simple audio converter that supports popular audio formats: .mp3, .flac, .wav also MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC
Flexible Pricing Plans
The most affordable prices for any budget on the market. New discounts every month.
Beautiful and Simple UI
Smart but simple User Interface
Upload Using YouTube Link
Upload the desired music from YouTube directly by using the special YT Link field.