Why choose EasySplitter?

EasySplitter is an innovative tool that has literally exploded the whole music industry. Our vocal remover became really irreplaceable service for Singers, DJs, Sound Producers, Compositors, Music Arrangers, and those who mixing and mastering music:


EasySplitter allows DJ’s to use it as a professional instrumental maker. The DJ’s can easily make vocal isolation online on the full automation without spending time to do this manually.


This tool is irreplaceable for professional singers and those who just starting out. By using Easysplitter they can improve their vocal abilities by removing vocals from the song and sign using only the instrumental version.


The EasySplitter is a handy tool for both music educators and students. It would be also helpful for songwriters, who can practice creating music or writing lyrics. Use our vocal removing service to learn vocal effectively.

Karaoke Software

EasySplitter is an excellent tool that can be used as a Karaoke Maker. The developers can easily remove vocals from any song and leave only the accompaniment, then just add lyrics.

Why will you choose our app?

Separate Vocals from Music Without Loss of Quality

Our online vocal remover was developed to provide the best audio quality after the process of removing vocal from your songs.

You can see it for yourself by trying out our demo examples of already separated audios.

How EasySplitter app is working?

This app is working by some steps!


Download EasySplitter app

Download our app for free in Appstore or Google Play Market


Sign-up for a new account

Sign-up by clicking on the "Sign In" at the top right corner of the mobile app dashboard. Then tap on "Sign Up" link above the password field. Follow the instructions and create the account.


Start Splitting

After you Sign In, push the blue button at the bottom of your account's dashboard. Then choose in how many STEMs do you want to split your song and tap on "Choose Audio File". Pick the file you want to be splitted and wait for the splitting process.


Download or Listen to The File

After the splitting is done, you will get your file splitted in 2 or 4 STEMs. Here you can listen to all the versions using the player or simply download the files you need. All the converted files are kept in the "Files History" tab (both in mobile and web app)

App Download

EasySplitter is available for iOS and Android.

Download EasySplitter vocal remover app for free. Application is fully synchronized with the WEB version, this allows you to remove vocal from any song in both mobile and WEB ways. The splitting attempts could be purchased only on the WEB version.

Are you interested for this app?

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Why Our Vocal Separation Service Is the Best?

Fastest Processing

EasySplitter developed to perform the fastet processing speed. You can split any songs on 4 STEMs at the fastest speed.

Audio Without Quality Loss

Easysplitter is a voice remover that allows you to remove vocals from songs without any audio quality loss.

Files History

We have deveoloped the Files History to store the splitted audio files, this means that you have an access to your files at anytime.

iOS & Android App

Our best online vocal remover is available to be downloaded on iOS and Android. Try out our beautiful app that has even more special features.

Flexible Pricing Plans

To evaluate our service pricings fairy we have decided to make 2 different ways to split your songs: 2 STEMs (Vocal and Instrumental) and 4 STEMs (Vocal, Instrumental, Bass and Drums). You will pay only for the STEMs type you need.

Beautiful and Simple UI

EasySplitter has a very simple, but smart UI that allows users to understand how to work with the splitter in just a few seconds.

Frequently asked Question

Learn about EasySplitter from FAQ!

EasySplitter is quite simple in use, but sometimes you may have some questions. We have combined all the frequently asked questions and gave answers to them below:

EasySplitter is the best professional online vocal remover that allows customers to easily separate any song up to 4 different STEMs. It is a great tool for beginners as well as for PRO musicians that dealing with professional DJ hardware and software.

Simply, EasySplitter service allows you to upload any song and then separate it into Vocals, Instrumental, Bass, and Drums music STEMs that could be downloaded then in various audio formats.

Yes, sure. Every new registered user automatically gets 1 free splitting attempt to test how EasySplitter works.

All audio files that you want to be split must be in one of the following formats: .WAV, .MP3, .OGG, .WMA, .FLAC.

NOTE: We strongly recommend our customers to use only High-Quality audio files (CD quality) - this will guarantee the best results on separating songs.

Our output file format is the same as the available input formats: .WAV, .MP3, .OGG, .WMA, .FLAC.

We have "Pay Per Song" and "Subscription" pricing plans:

For ordinary users we have a plan called “Lite”, it allows users to separate songs to 2 STEMs - Vocal and Instrumental.

For Professional users, we have a “PRO” plan that allows the customer to split the song to 4 STEMs - Vocal, Instrumental, Bass, Drums.

Pay Per Song means that you buy splitting attempts one by one - you pay per one song.

Subscription means that you pay each month or year for the specific amount of splitting attempts that would be renewed each month or year.

Yes, sure, we have subscription plans both Monthly and Yearly. Please, go to our Pricing Page for more details.

! NOTE ! We store your files only during 30 Days from the day you created the file. After 30 Days your files will be removed.

No. We don’t have downloadable versions for PC. For now, we have our Web version and Mobile application for iOS and Android.
From the moment you have purchased any of the pricing plans - there would be no refunds.
If you have any questions, you found a bug or simply want to contact us - go to the “Support” page in your user panel and fill the support request form . We are always happy to get any feedback from our users.

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