AI-Based Vocal Remover Online for DJ & Singers

EasySplitter is the most innovative technology in the music industry. Just upload the track and remove vocals from a song, get 4 separated music versions - Vocal, Instrumental, Bass & Drums.


Why choose EasySplitter?

EasySplitter is an innovative tool that has literally exploded the whole music industry. Our vocal remover became really irreplaceable service for Singers, DJs, Sound Producers, Compositors, Music Arrangers, and those who mixing and mastering music:

  • DJs

    EasySplitter allows DJ’s to use it as a professional instrumental maker. The DJ’s can easily make vocal isolation online on the full automation without spending time to do this manually.

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  • Singers

    Using Easysplitter, they can improve their vocal skills by removing vocals from a song and signing using only the instrumental version.

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  • Students

    The EasySplitter is a handy tool for both music educators and students. It would be also helpful for songwriters, who can practice creating music or writing lyrics. Use our vocal removing service to learn vocal effectively.

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  • Karaoke Software

    EasySplitter is an excellent tool that can be used as a Karaoke Maker. The developers can easily remove vocals from any song and leave only the accompaniment, then just add lyrics.

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Why will you choose our app?

Fast Processing Icon

Fast Processing

Easyspliter mobile app has the best processing speed that allows users to split the songs much faster.

Web and Mobile Synchronization Icon

Web and Mobile Synchronization

Our application has all the functions that have the Web version. Furthermore, all files that were converted in Web version (or vise versa) would be available for Mobile App as well.

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EasySplitter app is developed with the cleanest code and was tested by professionals to avoid any bugs.


This app is working by some steps!


Download EasySplitter app

Download our app for free in Appstore or Google Play Market.


Sign-up for a new account

Sign-up by clicking on the "Sign In" at the top right corner of the mobile app dashboard. Then tap on "Sign Up" link above the password field. Follow the instructions and create the account.


Start Splitting

After you Sign In, push the blue button at the bottom of your account's dashboard. Then choose in how many STEMs do you want to split your song and tap on "Choose Audio File". Pick the file you want to be splitted and wait for the splitting process.


Download or Listen to The File

After the splitting is done, you will get your file splitted in 2 or 4 STEMs. Here you can listen to all the versions using the player or simply download the files you need. All the converted files are kept in the "Files History" tab (both in mobile and web app)

EasySplitter is available for iOS and Android.

Download EasySplitter vocal remover app for free. Application is fully synchronized with the WEB version, this allows you to remove vocal from any song in both mobile and WEB ways. The splitting attempts could be purchased only on the WEB version.


Sarah Thompson



“Yo, EasySplitter is the real deal! I was a bit skeptical at first, but it actually does remove vocals like a pro. I've been using it for my karaoke nights, and everybody loves singing to the clean instrumentals. My friends are now EasySplitter fans too!”

Mike Johnson


It Saves my Time!

“OMG, EasySplitter is a game-changer! I used to struggle with extracting vocals for my remixes, but now it's like a walk in the park. So easy and quick! Honestly, I can't imagine my music production without it anymore. Thank you EasySplitter, you rock!”

DJ "SpinMaster"

Must-Have for DJs

“Wow, EasySplitter has seriously upped my DJ game! I've been able to create my own mashups and unique mixes without the hassle of finding instrumentals online. It's super user-friendly too, so even my non-techie friends can use it. Mad props to EasySplitter!”